BSG: Faith

May 20, 2008

I love all the theories swirling around this season of BSG.  After watching the episode called “Faith” it all became clear to me.

If you watched closely, Madam President’s mother is actually Barbara Bush which raises some interesting theories….
I always thought George W. was a Cylon, or at the very least a Hybrid…..  That means Madam President could be the last Cylon and George and Jeb have a sister we didn’t know about (ha! George Lucas already did this movie!!!)
And I noticed they stopped by Deep Space Nne and picked up that chick who then abruptly loses her bumps and dies of cancer.  Perhaps the one GOD are really those shape shifting Dominion Dudes from the Gamma quadrant (or wherever it was) and Odo will show up and claim to be the last Cylon.
Also, they are pretty ballsy about shooting randomly in space!!!!  You would think the bullets would bounce around inside one of those ships and accidentally kill several people, take out a couple of critical gages or at the very least graze someone and cause a nasty welt.  Maybe they are are packin’ rock salt in those guns.
Fianlly,  I kinda like hearing Baltar drone on in the background.  I think for the rest of the series they should scrap the music score and just have him drone on and on….  He could recite Beatles lyrics, read from Shakespear (which I think he did in this episode….  or perhaps it was a quote from Star Trek 37 “The Undiscovered Country”…  need to watch it again), or plug products (I can just hear him in the background talking about having a Coke and a smile and hearing monk like chanting of “I’ld like to teach the world to sing….”)
Anyway,  I am still watching


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