In Search of the BEST Fantasy ever filmed

May 21, 2008

As far as Fantasy is concerned I can take it or leave it.  Take it as literature, leave it as film/video. 

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy at least one of the “Bored of the Rings” mega installments.  I forget which one because they all seem the same to me.  I just remember thinking, “Boy I’m glad I brought my Crackberry so I can catch up on emails and web surfing while being in a darkened room full of hundred year-old popcorn smells”

Anyway, with the latest installment of “The Chronicles of Narnia” I decided that there MUST be some good Fantasy on film/video out there so I launched an extensive search (including the usual sources: Tobin’s Spirit Guide, Google, IMDB, YouTube, etc…). What I came away with is that, with the exception of the 1963 classic “Jason and the Argonauts”, there is scarce little out there to call watchable.

However, by all accounts I have uncovered perhaps the best Fantasy sequence ever filmed.  This stunning piece of work hails from December of 1982 and is an unforgetable adaptation of the classic “The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe”.

The dialog and sets are stunning and highly imaginative.  For me this is the best dialog in the whole sequence:

Witch: Come sit next to me child…  Have some Turkish delight (boy opens mouth)

Witch: UGHH!!  Who farted?!?

Boy: Its not me

Little Elf: Revolting, Thats revolting. People like you should be put in little boxes, tied up with string and left in small dark rooms without any electricity

Now color me wrong, but you just can’t beat that for pure Fanatsy movie making.

Thankfully the good people at YouTube have put this on the web for all of us to enjoy:

Please jump to time index 6:13 and hold your breath…  Can’t get better than this!!



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