Torchwood: A Little Too Close to Home

May 23, 2008

BBC America has been running several seasons of the Dr. Who spin-off called Torchwood.

I have religiously watched parts of several episodes this season and find the show rather entertaining in a sadomasochistic kinda way. The series would be better for me if each episode were 15 minutes long and done at 4x speed. Since this is usually the way I watch each episode it would save me some DVR storage space.

The best part of Torchwood is the premise that all this flotsam and jetsam from a time/space rift gets washed into Wales. I find this quite refreshing in contrast to the old standby SciFi/Fantasy notion that advanced alien races gave us the Pyramids, Stonehenge, an advanced Mayan culture, fine French food, or influenced the world religions. Instead we have random influences happening that may, or may not, always advance the human race.

Having the bulk of my genetics come from Wales, it also explains many of my family traits. The Uncle with six toes, the homocidal degenerates that pop up every few generations, the sharp incisors, the small almond sized eyes placed far apart, the massive craniums that despite their size produce low IQs, and of course that one family member whose left eye isn’t always looking at you when they are talking to you.

Well done BBC!! You have captured the essence of something I can relate to and find plausible.

I am still trying to watch.


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