Wired on Battlestar

May 26, 2008

The new edition of Wired is here.  I dearly love my monthly copy of Wired magazine.  It is easily the best 10 minutes of bathroom reading each month.

Imagine my giddiness as I started to make the trek to the “Library” and discovered this month’s installment had a special treat, an interview with Ron Moore.  As I closed the door I remember thinking, “15 minutes minimum”.

Imagine my disappointment (the “oatmeal again” kinda disappointment, not the “What!?!?!? there is no Santa Clause”  kinda disappointment) upon turning to the “Chat”.  It comprised 2 pages with half of each page taken up by some photo/graphic.  This left 1 whole page of pure drivel to read.

One of the mainstays of Wired has been its tired/wired categories.  So what will happen when Wired has to put itself in the “tired” category?  A mobious effect where we are forced to relive the same tired edition over and over?  If so, we are getting dangerously close.

This interview with Ron Moore should be placed in “tired”.  Anyone could have crafted such an interview from press releases, freely available bios, and old blog postings.  I doubt anyone even attempted to call Mr. Moore or his “people”

Shame on you Wired for wasting 2 minutes of my reading time.  I expected 15 minutes and ended up with less than my usual 10.

I will keep reading (since the subscription only cost me $10) but my expectations are now so low that even a well crafted advertisement for the latest military video saga can only raise them.


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