JMS and the Lensman

May 27, 2008

Usually I post with tongue firmly planted in cheek.  Well today I will take a break.

I just read several recaps of J. Michael Straczynski’s Comicon “spotlight” panel and it started me thinking…….

Why, IMHO, was Babylon 5 the best science fiction television show ever?
Was it the fact that they took science seriously?
Was it the fact that the writers took their audience seriously?

For me it was the first and only time someone outlined an entire epic-length story and then attempted to tell the whole story, piece by piece, over the course of several years

Now I have no frackin’ idea if JMS can pull off adapting the “Lensman” for film, but it seems like if anyone can do it, he can.

I admit that it took me a while to make my way through several of the Lensman books.  They are kinda quirky by today’s standards but are the genesis of the large space opera genre.  If you are a die hard Sci-Fi fan take the time to at least check them out.

OK, tongue back in cheek…  Anyone who can envision an alien race that wears French Imperial uniforms has balls enough to take on the Lensman series that gives us winged reptile sentients, pink pigmented humanoids with trianglular eyes, and soul devouring Overlords.


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