Pseudo Scifi TV

May 28, 2008

I hate it when non-scifi gets tagged as scifi. “Sometime in the near future” usually makes me groan and find something else to read/watch. And the Scifi channel has done even one better than that, they’ve tagged wrestling and ghost hunting as scifi. What’s up with that? Does that mean my early adolescence has the making of good Scifi channel programming? If I had only known. The other one that grates on me is that the networks these days think that paranormal and scifi are synonymous (thanks, X-Files, for convincing the networks that scifi programming is cheap and all about the unexplained). Again, groan.

Anyway, there are two shows actually that I can be forgiving of. They aren’t anything like Babylon 5, Firefly, or Battlestar, but I’ll let them keep the “genre” tag just because I do like them. And thank goodness for the growing trend of streaming past seasons of shows on sites like and because now my boredom between Scifi Fridays, brought on by the choice of either watching wrestling or ghost hunting, can be quenched by past episodes of Lost. I’m almost done with the first season and it has kept me entertained so far. I just may go on. They do a good job of using the cliffhanger to hook you into streaming the next episode. And this is probably one of the reasons why I continue to watch, because I can. Anytime, for as long as I want, and not have to wait between episodes. In some cases, and I won’t name names, but the initials are Battlestar Galactica, it is a whole year between episodes! Of course, I could do the same with BSG if I just waited another two years and watched it all at once…

Now, that isn’t to say I don’t have any problems with the show. The character development is great, the stories are watchable, the mystery is enticing, but what is up with everyone looking so good? OK, sure the men are unshaven, but that’s what I look like at the end of the week after my posh existence with a house, car, job, and 2.5 kids. They should look a hell of a lot worse after months on a deserted island! Just how long do those travel razors last anyway? They do get pretty dirty and sweaty sometimes, but other times they are all nice and clean wearing sparkling white t-shirts! Huh? Okay, I concede they could be washing up in the ocean or in a waterfall, but how do they come out looking so clean, fluffy, and feathered?! I’m sure my family can tell you that’s not what my clothes and hair looked like after I took a dip in the Caribbean and then air-dried. I guess it is all for the good of the show, though, because if they let some of those people get as gross as they would in real life, people would be flipping channels for sure. At least there’s no smell-o-vision yet! Forgiving and still watching.


One Response to “Pseudo Scifi TV”

  1. brosking said

    OK, I’ve made it through season two now. Yeah, I see they had a shower and a washer in the “Hatch” so let me sum up my thoughts on season 2 since my original post doesn’t apply any more. This will be easy: A never ending supply of tarps!

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