Youthful Fashions

June 4, 2008

Recently two unrelated events caused me to think about fashion and my childhood. I saw someone wearing a T-shirt that said, “The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be” and a friend of mine told me about a conference on space he attended last year that had a presentation on space fashion.

This spun a few old memories (notice the whirling space around my head) about those campy SciFi series of my youth and the thought emerged, “Hey, isn’t this supposed to be the future?” and if so, “How come we aren’t wearing unisex silver overalls, wigs, and highly colored polyester that were supposed to be part of our past future?” (hmm… gets kinda confusing talking about today from a perspective of yesterday)

I found a list that claimed to be the top 5 fashion trends of Summer 2007:

1- Bermuda shorts
2- Dresses.
3- Feminine sleeves.
4- Scoop neck tee-shirts
5- Shoes & bags: shiny, as in patent leather, or silver metallic.

Hues: soft powdery tones such as apricot, raspberry, and robin’s egg blue.
Neutrals: white, chocolate brown, and solid grays.
Prints: black and white prints, polka dots.

The list doesn’t include flip-flops, but I am adding them as the foot wear trend 🙂

Let’s look back at some of the fashions I was led to believe (on a weekly basis) would dominate my future wardrobe and compare. I am of course leaving out the ape atire from that ground breaking series “The Planet of the Apes”. Even though this is supposed to be in our future I am not in the position to comment on other species fashion trends and will leave that up to the apes bloggin elsewhere.

The best fashions of course comes from such series as Space: 1999 and UFO

Nice Jackets!

Nice and Meshy

Love the Silver

And of course Star Trek

And Dr. Who

And we can’t forget Lost in Space and Logan’s run

And finally the human side to Planet of the Apes

Now, I may be way off here (not unusual for me since my synapsis seem to fire randomly and cause strange ideas like this blog post), but with the exception of #5 on our 2007 fashion trends (shiny metallic shoes and bags for those who don’t want or can’t look several scrolls upward) it appears that we are moving more towards the Planet of the Apes fashion future than any of the other series from the 60s and 70s. Who knew that this series had such a hypnotic hold over future (i.e. present) fashion designers. I wonder which contemporary SciFi series will be inspiration for tomorrows fashion designers?


One of the contestants from this year’s Bravo series “Project Runway” actually used human hair in one of his desgins. Now NO ONE in the 60s or 70s saw this one coming. So much for future fashion!!


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