BSG: A List of Things I Like

June 6, 2008

Finally finished watching last week’s episode just in time for a new one to air.

While watching the episode my mind wandered (one of the reoccurring sub themes of this blog) to a list of things I like about the BSG series. For your enjoyment here is the list:

1 – The telephones they use. These things carry some weight. I am surprised they aren’t used as weapons (could take out a Cylon Centurion no problem). There must have been a huge Colonial Government contract associated with these. Better value than $100 toilet seats.

2 – The fact that they have FTL drives but they still use reel-to-reel tape recorders. You would think they they would at least upgrade to those stupid little bricks of plastic Kirk and Spock used to litter desktops with.

3 – They use “wireless” radios to broadcast news around the fleet but I have yet to see anyone sportin a TV or even a small radio with earbuds.

4 – The scenes where the Vipers shoot through the launching tunnel and the hypnotic lights flash…. wait thats the original BSG series… wandered too far

5 – Gravity… Actually this is one of my favorite things about most SciFi TV shows. It seems that there is always Earth-like gravity on ships. This is usually explained as “artificial gravity”. And of course an off shoot of this is the “inertial dampeners” that prevent the ship’s inhabitants from being flattened against the nearest bulkhead (but somehow do not prevent them from being thrown about like brainless sheep, or injured, or from falling to their deaths down bottomless pits, or joked about on countless parodies). To simulate “gravity,” you should at least spin the ship. Which leads me to number 6.

6 – I love the fact that there is at least 1 ship that has a spinny section. I like to think its owner was just too cheap to invest in a proper artificial gravity unit and on the side we never see is painted “Winnebago”.

7 – No corner is 90 degress. Have you ever noticed this? Chair backs, picture frames, books, and even shirt cuffs are not square.

8 – Colonel Tigh.. This guy rocks. The bio on SciFi website describes him as “tightly wound, embittered and an alcoholic”. I am sure when all is said and done it will be revealed that he is the father of Bender. Do you think he has an extra eye patch in his quarters with an eye painted on it that he breaks out for special occasions??

I’m sure there are more things I like but I have now wandered on to something else……….


One Response to “BSG: A List of Things I Like”

  1. I also love the old phones in BSG. Fantastic bits of kit. No virus will knock them out 🙂

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