I’ll admit it, I am scared of rocking chairs now.

June 13, 2008

As I’ve admitted to in earlier posts, I’ve been watching Lost via www.abc.com streaming. For those of you in the know, you’ll know there’s two episodes called The Man Behind the Curtain and The Beginning of the End where a man suddenly appears for a brief moment sitting in a seemingly empty rocking chair that was rocking on its own. Watch the clips to get the full impact:

Creepy. And it made me remember. Back in the 70s as a kid, I loved to watch Night Gallery on Friday nights. I only recall one episode actually because it was so freaking scary that it was burned into my memory forever. Green Fingers. It was about an old Lady who loved to garden and claimed she could grow anything. A land developer comes to buy her out, but she won’t sell, so he sends someone to kill her. She outsmarts them, though, and before they kill her, she cuts off her own thumb and plants it. At the end of the episode, there she is, alive and sitting in her rocking chair laughing. Covered in roots, she says, “…everything I plant grows, even me…” It scared the crap out of me! Watch about the first 1:25 of this clip:

OK, I admit it is pretty cheesy watching the video, and the music actually creeps me out more now than the actual scene does, but I swear it was way scarier than that back in the 70s. Forget about those wimpy movies that are considered scary these days, like the Ring and whatever else. This was Way scarier. Way scarier.

So, last night, I get into bed and roll over on my side facing the wall. There between me and the wall is one of our family heirlooms, something that I grew up with and inherited from my mom when she passed away – the ROCKING CHAIR. I literally jumped and scooted as close as I could to my wife. She got a good laugh out of it. Way scarier I tell you.


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