Is Wall-E Running Silent?

July 9, 2008

After negotiating a small bank loan, buying a lot of overpriced and under flavored popcorn and being forced to watch a dozen previews for animated movies containing lost, talking animals trying to find their way home I was finally treated to “Wall-E”.

One of the things I noticed about Wall-E was the level and sophistication of the animation.  Particularly the background details and simulated camera angles, zooms and pans.  Computer animation has come a LONG way in the last decade.  While the story was very shallow, I was impressed anyway.

While watching the movie I couldn’t help but draw parallels between Wall-E and the 70s classic film “Silent Running”.  There are robots, space travel, environmental themes, and crazed people (or computers).  Wall-E even kinda looks like the Hooey, Dewey, and Louie trio from “Silent Running”.

Don’t get me wrong, Wall-E is no remake.  There are differences and I think these differences mirror some of the sentiments of the respective eras the films were made.  The 70s were a time of environmental uncertainty and activism. I think this is when we as a society first came to grips with man’s potential to drastically change the environment and it wasn’t always a pretty picture being painted.

It seems sentiment has shifted a bit and even though rampant consumerism (I loved the BNL logos and messaging everywhere!!) may be destroying our environment, Wall-E has at its heart a message of hope.  Hope for rebuilding the environment and the hope of love (always great fodder for movies) and coming together instead of going it alone.

To me the last scenes of each typify the differences….  One sends the environmental hope into space and blows up his ship and we see the lone robot going it alone.  The other returns to Earth to begin again and of course robot love instead of loneliness.

Both movies are worth a viewing.


3 Responses to “Is Wall-E Running Silent?”

  1. patrick said

    Wall-E totally looks like the robot from “Short Circuit”… minus the cheesy 80’s style of course

  2. bmoviehero said

    I was slightly dissapointed by Wall:E – although to be honest that isn’t a criticism it’s just because Pixar have raised their own bar so high!

    The hope you mentioned kinda ruined it for me in a way – I just felt it was a bit silly, suggesting that all these fat humans you can’t even remember how to walk would be able to rebuild a peaceful society. But then it is essentially a kid’s movie.

    I think in a way that was the problem, it was a Kid’s movie trying to deal with extremely complicated themes about society – in parts I felt the handled this really well (particularly at the start, hinting at it by showing a world in ruin) but then in other parts I felt it wasn’t so succesful. For me the film was at its strongest as a simple love story between the two robots, I was kind of dissapointed when they went in to space.

    However really this is minor nitpicking of an overall great little film. I haven’t seen “Silent Running” but if I get the opportunity I will check it out.

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