Crazy Gor-Al is at it again – Trying to save the planet from the masses for the elite.
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Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet

Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet


Wow! I was just joking, but someone actually created a fanfilm on YouTube that brings together Glen A. Larson’s iconic SciFi greats.  

Nice, but I call for a reimaging! Buckaroohawk if you should choose to accept this mission you will be rewarded by having a whole new generation of Battlestar geeks hitting your site. Of course, you’re going to need to reimage Buck before Frank Miller mucks with it. One suggestion, though, would be to go back to the orignal source. Yes, reverse reimage it! Bring back inertron, anti-gravity belts, rayguns, and air ships.

I while ago I noticed a book lying around the house called “Dragonriders of Pern”. The picture on the cover looked interesting (My usual criteria for choosing any book….If someone put an interesting cover on the “Pediatrician’s Guide to Childhood Nasties” and put it on display at Borders I would buy it) so I picked it up and started reading it.

Here is a short story background:
The setting is a very low-tech feudal society in which an elite ‘knighthood’ are chosen to become the “Dragonriders”. The riders form mental bonds with giant telepathic dragons whose mission is to protect the planet from a radioactive-like ecological menace called ‘thread’ that periodically falls from the sky when the Red Star passes too closely to Pern

I was blown away. This book had a magical power to it unlike any other book I have ever read. It was so mind numbingly stupid and empty of any substance, I found that I could do several things while still reading. I am not one for special super-hero powers, but this book brought me close. For example:

1 – I could watch TV and read at the same time (not even the Flash can do this!). I found that after the last chords to the CSI theme song (the original of course, not some of the knock-offs on nights other than Thursday) had sounded I had read 5 pages AND knew the plot to CSI AND had laughed at Grisom’s one liner. Match that Batman!

2 – I could run 2 miles (treadmill miles so you do the conversion), watch highlights on ESPN AND read whole chapters

Now, I live in a place that has passed a law where mobile phone usage while operating a motorized vehicle is considered capital punishment, so I never tried reading while in the car, but my guess is I could read a good 10 pages EACH direction of my commute, in heavy traffic, and get to work safely.

In my opinion, this power is unmatched by any other book!!

JMS and the Lensman

May 27, 2008

Usually I post with tongue firmly planted in cheek.  Well today I will take a break.

I just read several recaps of J. Michael Straczynski’s Comicon “spotlight” panel and it started me thinking…….

Why, IMHO, was Babylon 5 the best science fiction television show ever?
Was it the fact that they took science seriously?
Was it the fact that the writers took their audience seriously?

For me it was the first and only time someone outlined an entire epic-length story and then attempted to tell the whole story, piece by piece, over the course of several years

Now I have no frackin’ idea if JMS can pull off adapting the “Lensman” for film, but it seems like if anyone can do it, he can.

I admit that it took me a while to make my way through several of the Lensman books.  They are kinda quirky by today’s standards but are the genesis of the large space opera genre.  If you are a die hard Sci-Fi fan take the time to at least check them out.

OK, tongue back in cheek…  Anyone who can envision an alien race that wears French Imperial uniforms has balls enough to take on the Lensman series that gives us winged reptile sentients, pink pigmented humanoids with trianglular eyes, and soul devouring Overlords.

Wired on Battlestar

May 26, 2008

The new edition of Wired is here.  I dearly love my monthly copy of Wired magazine.  It is easily the best 10 minutes of bathroom reading each month.

Imagine my giddiness as I started to make the trek to the “Library” and discovered this month’s installment had a special treat, an interview with Ron Moore.  As I closed the door I remember thinking, “15 minutes minimum”.

Imagine my disappointment (the “oatmeal again” kinda disappointment, not the “What!?!?!? there is no Santa Clause”  kinda disappointment) upon turning to the “Chat”.  It comprised 2 pages with half of each page taken up by some photo/graphic.  This left 1 whole page of pure drivel to read.

One of the mainstays of Wired has been its tired/wired categories.  So what will happen when Wired has to put itself in the “tired” category?  A mobious effect where we are forced to relive the same tired edition over and over?  If so, we are getting dangerously close.

This interview with Ron Moore should be placed in “tired”.  Anyone could have crafted such an interview from press releases, freely available bios, and old blog postings.  I doubt anyone even attempted to call Mr. Moore or his “people”

Shame on you Wired for wasting 2 minutes of my reading time.  I expected 15 minutes and ended up with less than my usual 10.

I will keep reading (since the subscription only cost me $10) but my expectations are now so low that even a well crafted advertisement for the latest military video saga can only raise them.