Fringe – Edgy or Recycled

September 10, 2008

When I was really young I remember seeing fringe in all the Saturday afternoon westerns and on Daniel Boone. Then it became fashionable and even cool. Sony and Cher had it. Roger Daltry wore it. CCR had it on an album cover. The longer and more of it, the better. Now that I am older fringe is once again becoming fashionable. Only this time it is techno-fringe.

I am not a J.J. Abrams fanboy and have to admit not a big “Lost” fan (in fact I could swear I heard the Fonz revving his motorcycle in last seasons finale) but I decided to give his new show “Fringe” a watch.

While watching the pilot episode I couldn’t help thinking what happens if you cross “The X Files” with “Night Stalker”, sprinkle in a bit of “Twin Peaks” (the cow) and “Twilight Zone” (airplane), and add a dash of “Altered States” (the “tank”). I think you would have “Fringe”

Every few years (decade?) we are treated to a new incarnation of the SciFi-Mystery-Horror genre on mainstream TV and of course I must watch. Kolchak: The Night Stalker and X-Files (and related shows: The Lone Gunmen and Millennium (now on the Chiller network)) being 2 of my favorite TV shows (although I don’t consider the last 2 seasons of the X-Files real X-Files).

This time around Abrams and company have started us on another conspiracy theory laced romp of SciFi, mystery, supernatural and horror in search of the “Pattern”. Future Fringe appears to be giving us a veritable smorgasbord of standard genre elements psychokinesis, bionics, transmogrification and teleportation with some twisted humor thrown in (the cow again :-)).

The production quality feels much like “Lost” and my wife even commented the music is eerily similar. To me it seemed that Scully and Mulder have already been down this path, however, I found myself watching the full 90 minutes and promising to withhold judgment for a couple more episodes.

Also, in typical Abrams fashion there are some websites you should check out: and . Both were part of the pilot episode. Massive Dynamics is the name of the “Spooky Big Business” that will be part of the series and glowingmonkeys appears as a sticker on a light post. And of course the producers have deposited “Easter Eggs” thoughout to keep us hooked and trying to solve the mystery ( to play along).

And now I remember why I am not a big “Lost” fan. With my short attention span for pop culture it is just tooooo tiring to keep up. I am sure that after a while I will get burned out of the over-exposure (4 episodes seems my max) and need to take a break. The good thing is when I choose to return I can always catch up on

Apparantly I’ve been living in a hole for several years, because somehow I’ve missed the debut of one of the most exciting visionaries of our time: Tron Guy!

I’m not even sure I need to comment. I think he already said it all for me both directly and indirectly. Talk about a collision! Too bad he can’t be our mascot here at Cordrazine.  You can already find him on Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube or visit I have to admit, though, some of the videos made me real queasy and I didn’t make it through them all. I better just end it at that before the MCP sends Sark after me in one of those flying Arc de Triomphes.

I have finally found true religion.  It came to me via a web posting:,0,4215502.story

Turns out there is a church of the Jedi where they use the “insight and knowledge” from the films as “a guide to living a better and more worthwhile life.”

I however, don’t subscribe to all the tenants of this new found religion so I am joining the reformed church of the Jedi.  We of course use the “insights and knowledge” gleaned from the renowned Robot Chicken and Family Guy spoofs as a “guide to living a mediocre and worthless existance”.

Hopefully all the money I will spend on T-shirts and such will be seen as a religious donation and be tax deductible.

And just the thought of a drunken guy in a garbage bag weilding a fake light-saber and whacking Jedis wannabes makes it all worth it